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Clippin' Sling Grooming Hammocks by PSDG

Dear PSDG:
I have used the Clipping Sling™ with my three dogs only once so far since receiving it last week. I plan to use it again this month and also take it to our summer cottage where I'll use it all summer. At this time I can say for sure that it's a great help to me. I have been grooming two of my Shih Tzu dogs (hair machines) myself for seven years and I've never been able to make their legs look good. That's been one of my grooming nightmares and the dogs hated the way I had to do their legs. I used to have to put them on their backs and use the clippers on their legs the best I could. They never looked good and they didn't like it. As soon as I got the dogs up in the Clipping's sling™ I knew I'd finally be able to do their legs and make them look decent --and it worked perfectly. The dogs seemed totally relaxed in the sling and they put up with anything I did---including doing their nails and their paw pads. I was also able to do their faces, tails and ears. The only thing left to do after taking them down was to do their bodies, tummies, under their tails and behind their ears. My third dog is also a Shih Tzu. He is just 5 months old and it's been next to impossible to groom him because he dislikes it and won't stop wiggling. He's the reason I became interested in the Clipping's Sling for grooming. As soon as I got him up in the sling he relaxed and it was the first time I was able to do his legs, face, tail and ears. I also was much less anxious and nervous about grooming him. Clipping Sling has made my grooming job much easier and also my dogs are relaxed and comfortable in the sling while I'm working with them. It's a 'win- win' situation for all of us. Many thanks for making it available. I'm looking forward to many years of grooming with it because it's exactly what I needed. My comments and photo may be used in full or in part in your customer contact program.

G.O. Johnson

Dear Stan:
We just used the clipping sling for the first time and it is amazing. We had not been able to clip one of our dogs nails for the last 2 years and she basically fell asleep in the sling. Another one of our dogs we were having to partially sedate to get his nails trimmed, and he just hung in the sling with no problems at all. I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. I will be ordering a larger size as well for some of our other dogs. Thanks so much.

Adamo Bulldogs
Amy Netherland (Advance, NC)


Everyone at our clinic loves the PSDG  Clippin'Slings!! Our groomer, technicians, assistants and doctors just love them. We purchased the Clippin' Slings when we remodeled our boarding and grooming facility. We put in a glass door so clients could view their pets being groomed, so it needed to be a relaxing experience. We all had a lot of experience with pets that hated to have their nails trimmedso we did some research and found the Clippin'Slings!! We are all thrilled with them, NO regrets. Our veterinarians love to use it to treat difficult patients.  It works amazingly for 99.9 % of the patients.

Caseville Small Animal Clinic
6970 Main St.,Caseville MI  48725

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Stan Scott