Clippin Sling Grooming Hammock

Clippin' Sling

"How did I ever get along without it?"

That's what groomers across the U.S. are saying about Clippin' Sling!

No wonder: Clippin' Sling takes the frustration out of grooming by allowing dogs to relax comfortably in a near-weightless hammock while you groom their faces, legs, feet and more with ease and total control. Dogs no longer need to balance on three legs while shaving, nail cutting, polishing and scissor styling leg poms and more. No chance of falling either, so even the most difficult dogs can be left unattended with no risk of injury. Barkers become quiet, fighters calm down and anxious dogs are soothed and often doze off. You'll work better, faster and easier!

Groom and Board Magazine Award

Groomer's Rave About Clippin' Sling!

"I've been grooming for 25 years. PSDG Clippin' Slings have been a real life-saver. I never knew how easy difficult feet could be styled. Nail clipping and polishing are now a cinch and require no attendance while drying. Better control over those lay-down dogs, and young pups stay still." --John Mead (Scranton, PA) 

"My Clippin' Slings have more than paid for themselves many times over in time saved and stress eliminated. What a great Groomer's tool, I wouldn't be without them!" --Sheryl Middleton, Bow Wow Barber Shop (Mt. Royal, NJ) 

"In the day-to-day operation of my dog grooming business I could not function efficiently without the use of my Clippin' Slings! What a practical way to make the grooming proceedures easier." 
--Lisa D. Lowe, The Tender Loving Clipper (Chalfont, PA)

Dear Stan:
We just used the clipping sling for the first time and it is amazing. We had not been able to clip one of our dogs nails for the last 2 years and she basically fell asleep in the sling. Another one of our dogs we were having to partially sedate to get his nails trimmed, and he just hung in the sling with no problems at all. I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. I will be ordering a larger size as well for some of our other dogs.
Thanks so much,
Adamo Bulldogs
Amy Netherland (Advance, NC)

"I cannot say enough in regards to my latest purchase, "Clippin' Slings".  Stan, I cannot tell you how "thrilled" I was with the product. The slings are made out of a very strong canvas and reinforced in all the right places.  I feel these slings will last for many, many years! I started using them the very next day at work....all, yes, I mean ALL the dogs I groomed that day were placed into the appropriate Clippin. Sling when it came time to dremel their nails (I sand nails instead of cutting them, it gives a smoother finish). All the dogs seemed to actually enjoy being in it.  No one became extremely stressed by the Clippin. Sling at all!  I, at the end of the day, I was much less fatigued also. It took a lot of the struggle out of doing nails that I normally encountered! Needless to say, within a week.s time, I have found the slings came in handy for many uses. When a dog came in with severely matted legs, it was much easier to clipper them down when they were in the sling. Dogs that did not like the "dryer" would settle much more for drying when they laid in the Clippin. Sling. Many clients have been very impressed with this! I know I am rambling on...but I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful a product your company has made!  I will admit, I was quite skeptical at first...but I was "sold" on this system within the first day of use. In fact, you will notice that I immediately ordered the "baby size" (AA) sling within a day or two of receiving the first order!  We raise miniature schnauzers, and I dremel the puppies nails several times before they leave us.....this has been a wonderful way to relax the puppies while I worked on their feet! Please, feel free to use this letter,in fact, I have been so impressed with your product that I intend to inform my veterinarian about this system!  They certainly could use it when they are trying to deal with difficult dogs!"
--Susan Mercurio, Little Paws Grooming Salon Rome, NY

I absolutely love the Clippin'sling. I use it everyday as I brush down my 3 dogs. In fact, I don't know how I would do it without putting them in it. It makes grooming enjoyable and easy. YES I LOVE IT!!!!! Would I recommend it to someone else. ABSOLUTELY!
--Flori Sorenson, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I was so impressed and happy with my purchases, I just love them.. and you certainly may quote me." --Lara Bariciak Fort Gratiot, MI

I received the clipping sling and used it today.  I was having trouble clipping my puppies nails and trimming her feet.  So glad I bought the clipping sling. The service was great and working on my puppy is much more enjoyable now!!!!  Thanks so much!!!
--Karen Hall, Sophia, NC

Developed & Proven in Over 20 Years of Use On All Breeds & Temperments...
Clippin' Sling Really Works!

Helps You Groom Better, Faster & Easier!

Better animal control means better clipper & scissor control. Clippin' Sling reduces dogs fear and resistance. Lets you work more quickly and focus on doing excellent work.

Helps You Groom Safer!

Dogs can't jump or wiggle out...falling is impossible! Falling off tables and deadly groomer's nooses are a thing of the past!

A Blessing for Injured, Arthritic & Aged Dogs!

Now even special dogs can enjoy their grooming in total comfort. Super for puppies and hyperactive dogs, too!

Ready To Use In Minutes!

Super-easy to set-up. Clippin' Sling ™ comes complete with sling hardware and instructions for use in your shop, kennel, home, on-the-road and dog shows!

*The Four Piece Set (#CSSET) includes interchangeable hammock sizes for Toy Puppies, Toys, Small Miniatures, and Large Miniatures or long body breeds… See order form for approximate breed size suggestion.
* Substitutions not permitted. Other sizes available, at unit prices ,see order form.

Stock Sizes Available:
Toy PUPPIES 8-10 weeks 4 1/2" c-c,
Toys 7 1/2" c-c, Small Miniature 8" c-c,

Large breeds 24" c-c

C-C equals the distance between the front and rear legs while the
dog is standing. If size exceeds length (C-C measurement)
order next size, or custom order.

For Custom Size Price Quotation...
Advise Breed, LENGTH distance C-C between front left and rear left leg and GIRTH, measurement all around the chest from behind the front legs.

Super Tough & Made-In-The-USA!

Clippin' Sling is American-built to last for years and years! Virtually indestructible duck construction features double-box-stitched reinforced seams, electrically cut Nylon attachments and extra heavy-duty stitching. Natural dark color blends well with any surrounding. Scotch Guard® treated to stay new-looking for years. Machine washable.


The time tested, frustration eliminating, temper saving, super Groomers accessory tool, Clippin' Sling™ suspension hammock, now has added TWO NEW SIZES to the line, by popular demand!

Tiny Puppies

The (AA) Puppy Clippin' Sling will give you Safe Control over pups the size of 8-10 week old Toy and Miniature poodles and other breeds. Great for doing those new litters of 5 or 6 at a time. You obtain virtually precision like control over those squirmy tiny feet, legs, faces and tails

It can last a lifetime, includes all sling attachment hardware. No extra links to buy. And like most specialty tools, you'll never know how easy the job CAN BE unless you make the small business investment for stock size #CSAA1

Big Dogs

The second NEW Clippin' Sling (E) size, is the Great Grand Daddy to all the rest. Designed to control dogs the size of a German Shepherd, Collie, Golden Retriever etc. Now cut nails, and work touchy tails safely!

It too comes with all sling hardware attached.

>>>> You're Gonna Love 'Em™ <<<<

There IS NO Comparison
The original trademarked Clippin' Sling™
Proven in Salons, Schools, and Veterinary hospitals for more than 32 years!
More professionals use Clippin' Sling than any other suspension system

Heavy duty,#10 natural Canvas fabric, same as army tents and postal mail bags are constructed from. Full sized,NOT skimpily cut. Use folded for geriatric hips.

Long lasting, built for years of use, no need to replace due to cheaper flimsy material tearing. Full sized means better fitting. No Geriatric sizes needed.

More expensive Double Sewn, electrically cut suspension loops. Can't slip out.

Positive closure attachment, can't fray, separate or pull out as happens when a pets weight is suspended on hammered in grommets.

Soft, generous Wide Cotton Binding surrounding all edges and interior leg holes, machine sewn with small stitches.

Deters irritation of inner thighs, and provides a more flexible fit, prevents stitches from separating and pulling out . Increases unit life, saves money.

All Clippin' Sling attachment hardware is included with each size. Each Clippin'Sling comes with it's own fastening links attached.

No extra various size links to purchase, or fuss with to attach when changing sizes.

Standard set contains Four popular sizes, and extra small 10 week toy Poodle (AA) size, or extra large full grown Collie, Shepherd etc. (E) size available as an option. Custom sizes available.

The right size for the job required, insuring a more comfortable proper fit, and greater cooperation from the pet, which makes your job easier.

Optional Clippin' Sling table support system. Strong Chromed steel post, separates in the center, complete with clamp on post brackets, available for 36" or 48" tables. Made to fixed standards.

Easily stores in small space, easily moved for transport to shows, mobile grooming, etc. Quickly fastens & removes from tables. Reasonable priced!

Dog Grooming Sling

Testimonials & Ordering Info


This simple accessory is placed in the Clippin' Sling prior to positioning your pet in it. The soft fluffy side virtually prevents chafing of the genital and anal areas, and protects the Clippin' Sling from urine dribbles, anal area and gland smears and soiling from females in season.

The rubberized backing provides a friction grip in the sling as well as makes it practically leak proof. A real bargain for only $9.95 each. Best to buy two, so if one gets soiled (wet) it can be washed (cold water & drip dry only) and the other is there as a stand by, just in case. 

Order #CSKSL9 with your Clippin' Slings and save shipping costs.


Easy connects for full or part time use.
Provides positive safe suspension and control, with PSDG Clippin. Slings™

An alternate to installing ceiling mounted chains.
No need to screw on to the table!
Clamps on and off easily for transport and storage!

Post separates in center for easy storage. Rugged, heavy-duty with double clamps-on unit for safe stability.

Clippin’ Sling Support System





48" high Double Post Grooming Arm

The table shown is not included

9 lbs-Add $10.55 shipping cost. Drop * shipped.

Use as is or with short chains attached for easy height adjustment

Note on your order Form →

You must specify the length of your table !

$135. *for 36 or 48 inch table plus $10 .55

Sizes E or Custom must use 48” table.

The Original Clippin’ Sling™
Product of
Protective Specialties Development Group
P.O Box 39060
Philadelphia PA 19136
Form- DPLU



Clippin' Slings™ are a product of:

Protective Specialties Development Group
P.O. Box 39060
Philadelphia PA 19136
Phone: 215-676-7669

Made in USA to PSDG standards.
You're gonna love 'em!


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