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The Neatest, Easiest, Most Attractive Way To Store & Dispense Groomer's Bows Ever Invented!

It's been hailed as the smartest new Grooming Industry invention in years!
The amazing new CaddyPillar Bow Storage Dispenser gives you instant finger-tip access to 16 different varieties of 400 or more
bows in less than 4 x 36 inches of vertical space!

Fast, Easy, Instant Selection!
No more digging through boxes, bags and messy drawers!
You see up to 16 separated colors and styles at a glance!
Simply slide chosen segment up, make your selection,
and it automatically swooshes back into place!

Keeps Bows Clean & Fresh!
Closes virtually air-tight! Seals out fur, dust, dirt and moisture.
Your bows stay clean, dry and ready to use!

Practically Impossible to Spill!
Unique vertical design stays upright; keeps bows off the floor!

Saves Space!
CaddyPillar conveniently hangs from your tool rack, wall or ceiling!
No counter, drawer or floor space required!

Inventory at a Glance!

You'll always know what colors & styles you have and which you need more of!

Brilliant Colorful Display!
CaddyPillar's crystal clear, see-thru design allows a brilliant
splash of rainbow colors that brightens up any grooming salon!

Installs in Seconds!
One suspension hook (supplied) is all you need!

Order Today!


To order your CaddyPillar Vertical Visible Bow Storage Dispenser at the special introductory price, send $39.95 plus $6.00 shipping each. (Save $5.00 each by ordering 3 or more--one for each grooming station at multiple discount price of just $34.95 per CaddyPillar, plus $6.00 shipping each).